Broomball Rules, History, Upcoming Matches

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On our page, you can learn everything – from what is broomball, to which are the broomball rules and how to build a broomball strategy, just stay tuned!

What is Broomball?

If you don’t know what is broomball, you’ve come to the right place, as we have tolerance to explain everything step by step. Many people after learning what is broomball find that it is a game that they are familiar with. For instance, in essence, broomball is a recreational ice game. It has roots in Canada and there are other countries that play it too. The field of play is in a hockey rink, which can be both inside and outside.

This game is governed by its own body – the IFBA, or the International Federations of Broomball Associations which does the overall regulation and oversees the events.

If you are wondering “What is broomball?” you might have an idea when we tell you that there are two teams playing the game, and each team is consisted of 6 players (one of which is the goalkeeper). The players try to score goals against their opponent.

The broomball rules also predict scoring goals by hitting the ball into the opponent’s net using the tool – broom. There is a certain strategy and plays that are developed, and these are similar to ice hockey for example.

As the broomball rules predict, the players should hit the small ball with the broom, and it can be made from wood or aluminum, and the head is made of rubber. The broomball rules also ensure that the players use special equipment and gear, regardless of which league they play in. Also, they should wear special rubber soled shoes which aren’t skates. Regardless of the equipment, the players should score goals in the opponent’s net, which is the main goal of the game. If the game ends with a tie, according to the broomball rules, there is an additional time which the teams play without a goalie.

So, if you didn’t know what is broomball so far, you probably have a clear idea of what this sport does and how it happens.

History of Broomball

Although broomball is a very famous sport in many countries, there is not a specific history to be known about it, at least not that we know is fully accurate. However, it is known that it originates from Canada. Logically, it evolved from ice hockey, but without the ice skates. Since the broomball rules are very similar with the ice-hockey ones, it is reasonable that when we think of what is broomball, we think of ice-hockey. As the most popular sport in Canada, many Canadians also enjoy playing other games with the ice hockey theme, not just watching a regular game. The hockey-themed slots are trendy among fans because of the amazing promotions of free spins that players can use and play their favorite game for free.

You should know that the first recorded broomball game was in in North America. Specifically, in Perdue, Saskatchewan on March 5, 1909. However, there is some local history in Massey, Ontario stating that they played broomball even before this. It can be also estimated that this game was initially played at around 1890. Since it is especially popular in Minnesota, it had a well-developed broomball community by the 1960s.

Today, the World Broomball Championships are organized every even-numbered year by the governing body – the IFBA. The first World Championships, were held in Victoria, British Columbia in 1991, and were attended by over 800 athletes and 44 teams, the last ones were in Blaine, UK in 2018.

Upcoming Broomball Matches & Events

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Famous Broomball Players

Broomball is important, and there are many legendary broomball players that deserve our recognition. Many of the broomball players names remained unknown, but these are people that work hard and invest their time, energy and most of the time their whole lives to becoming great at what they do – broomball.