Upcoming matches

The Hitmen Broomball Team from Minneapolis, Minnesota is a broomball class B team. The team is looking forward arriving in the broomball’s men class A. This season was a really successful year for the team and all the organization, and it is practically unbelievable that over the past 12 seasons the group was a disaster, and it was part of the broomball class D men’s league. It was a long season, but now it is gone, and all the hard work has paid off. It took 12 years, so the team finally gets on the top and wins the Minnesota State Championship in men’s class B.

After this win, the team looks forward to participating next year, and not only competing but winning one more time in a row. The players are excited for the upcoming matches of the next season and face their all-time competitive teams like 8th Liners, Snipers, Selkirk Hawks, the Golden Boys, and Lethbridge Panthers.

According to the following list, it is expected that the tournament and league schedule of the next season would be similar to this season. Have a look at these matches and leagues:

  • The Augsburg League starts in October
  • The North American Championships begins in February
  • B State began in March 2007
  • A/B Nationals takes place in Blaine, MN between March 30 and April 1

The team is really thankful to all the fans that were there to support them on every single match during the tournament, and they seem to have so much fun. Considering that you are a big fan of the Hitmen Broomball team, so here we offer you a list of the league and tournament trophies of the team since the very first beginning:

  • In 2007 MSF Class B State Champions
  • In 2007 Triple Crown Series Tier II Champions
  • In 2007 Midwestern’s Finalists
  • In 2006 Cash Out Tier Two Champions
  • In 2006 Triple Crown Series Tier II Champions
  • In 2006 Midwestern Champions
  • In 2005 Midwestern Champions
  • In 2005 Minnesota Men’s Class B State Finalists
  • In 2003 B State 3rd Place
  • In 2003 Softball Tournament for Broomball Players Champions
  • In 2002 Class C/D Men’s Broomball National Champions
  • In 2002 Twin Cities Shoot-Out 3rd place
  • In 2000 Class C/D Co-Rec National Champions
  • In 2000 Richfield, Minnesota Class C Wednesday Night Champions
  • In 1999 Richfield, Minnesota Class D Wednesday Night Champions