History of Broomball

Broomball or adapted to the Spanish brúmbol or brumbol, with flat pronunciation, more usual in Spain, or acute in America. A complete adaptation would be ‘handball.’ It is a favorite ice sport from Canada and played in various parts of the world, mainly in the north of the United States, Australia, and Japan. It is played on an ice hockey field. There are about 30,000 of them in Canada. It is either performed in a pavilion or outdoors, depending on the location and weather conditions. Brúmbol is very popular in the Canadian province of Manitoba. Saint-Claude is considered the world capital of this sport.

In a brúmbol match, two teams face each of six players: goalkeeper and five field players. The primary purpose of the game is to score more goals than the opponent. The goals are achieved by hitting the plastic ball until it is placed in the opposite goal using a broomstick without bristles. Players hit a small ball with a handle called the broom (made either of wood or aluminum) at the end of which is installed a brush in a triangular shape (like a broom). The other peculiarity is that the players are not equipped with ice skates, but with spongy shoes.

The Brum or broom can be made of wood or aluminum and has a triangular head of hooded plastic similar to that of a regular brush. Players wear rubber sole slippers instead of ice skates, and ice is prepared in a way that is soft and dry to improve traction. Tactics and ways to play are similar to those used in sports such as Ice hockey, Online roller hockey, and uni-hockey.

The rules of the game

The broomball is played with an inflated ball and six players per team on the ice. This game consists of 2 periods; each period lasts 18 minutes with time to stop and 2-minute stop between each period. When a player has the ball and enters the offensive zone before the balloon. The American regulations state that the blue line is internal, and the red line is inner. International laws use the central red line to determine the interior of the exterior.

High Baton is when the baton exceeds the shoulders. Some leagues and tournaments, when to them, when more elevated than the size.

Icing is when the defensive team releases the ball from the inside of their zone to the goal line of the opposing team. The game is stopped when a member of the team offensive touches the ball. If the opposing team is in power play, the game is not finished. Also, if the offensive team goaltender or a member of the team defensive touches the ball after it crossed the goal line, Icing is not called.

The rink has to be as much as close to 200 feet in length and 85 feet in length. The corners should be rounded in a 20 feet radius. Its net is 6 feet high and 8 feet wide to the States.

Equipment used in broomball

There is a variety of material that is used in broomball. As in the case of ice hockey, players are encouraged to wear various protections to ensure the proper long-term functioning of certain parts of the body considered most at risks, such as elbows, knees and private parts.