MN Hitmen Broomball Team

The Minnesota Hitmen reached its pinnacle playing Class A broomball during the 2008-2010 seasons. During their tenure in competitive play, the team won 2002 Men’s Class C/D National Championships, the 2007 Men’s Class B State Championships and back-to-back Midwestern Championships 2005-2006.

The co-rec team has also made an impact. In 2000 they were the first USA Broomball National Champions in the Co-rec Division as Kamakazees. Then they made a magical run in 2008 as VooDoo to win the USA Broomball Co-Rec Championship.

While the Minnesota Hitmen have their own hall of fame, the USA Broomball Hall of Fame is group of players and administrators that have shaped the sport of broomball nationally. Members of the Hall must be voted in only after meeting certain criteria. Several USA Broomball Hall of Famers have played on either the men’s or co-rec teams in the past including:

  • Kevin Denesen, manager and founder of the MN Hitmen (class of 2011)
  • Ann “Loafy” Flis, member of both co-rec champion teams (class of 2011)
  • Kim Niederluecke, member of both co-rec champion teams (class of 2009)
  • Dave St. Aubin, member of 2009 VooDoo team (class of 2009)
  • Chris “Sluggo” Blair, member of 2009 VooDoo team (class of 2010)

The Minnesota Hitmen still play in the Bloomington Broomball outdoor league on Tuesday nights.